Back Online with a Brand New Booking Website + Blog

We are proud and happy to announce that, after all the work and passion we have put into it, our new website is finally live. While you might have been experiencing a coming soon page for the last couple of months, now you will be welcomed by a fully informative and very colourful Homepage, from where you can have direct access to all in-depth content through several buttons and dedicated sections, including to all the tours and experiences we offer, all our last minute offers, testimonials, blog, contacts and everything else.

Our new website is designed with responsiveness in mind, which means that all users will be able to appreciate and interact with our content and services from any device: computers, smartphones and tablets. Be aware that, in order to adapt the content of our web pages to some devices and to make the navigation on our website easy and enjoyable from mobile phones, we decided to eliminate some blocks of secondary content (i.e. testimonials, blog posts) from the web pages our website displays on mobile, so you might find different content if you access the same page from a desktop or laptop computer, of from a large tablet.

If you start navigating our website you will find out that the menu pages Sardinia, Slow and Experience point to the same Sardinia Slow Experience page, where we tell you all about our sustainable approach to local tourism, our slow tour and experience philosophy, and how much we love Sardinia, its traditions, its people, its food and everything else!

Among the other key pages of our fancy menu bar you will find the page Our Tours where you can obviously see all our regular and special Sardinian tours and experiences, the Services page, where you can figure out the entire range of tourism related services we provide from our base in Siniscola to individual travellers and groups, as well as to tourist agencies and hotel chains.

All our tour pages are complete with detailed info on the tour itinerary or experience program, all related highlights and suggestions, photo galleries, tips and suggestions, a complete interactive hike map for the tours that require going around, info contact form, complete pricing information and direct link to our booking engine, that will work fantastic also on your mobile phones.

By clicking any BOOK NOW or AVAILABILITY AND BOOKING button on our tour pages you will be immediately transported to the tour’s online booking page, where you can check availabilities of the tour for your preferred dates, make a booking and secure payments to confirm it by using your preferred payment system: PayPal, Stripe or your own credit card. When you purchase a tour you will also receive a couple of emails with booking reference and confirmation, complete itinerary, payment receipt, and alerts/reminders if you decide to set them up for your convenience. We are very happy with the online booking and payment platform we adopted, and we would like to say thank you to the Rezgo team that has been supporting us in the full implementation of their complete online booking solution.

Head back to our website and click the About Us menu button if you want to know more about Claudio and Bea, your local guides and friends, and use the Contact menu link to get in touch with us if needed. Want to read some amazing stories from our tours and experiences? Just check out our Slow Blog, where we will be publishing new articles regularly, when we have some time between tours. If you have friends in Italy and Poland tell them that we will have two brand new and complete websites in Italian and Polish coming soon – for the moment we have disabled the links as we are working on the two new websites, Follow us on Facebook as we will soon announce the launch of our new sites dedicated to Italian and Polish friends.

If you have suggestions that can help us make the navigation and interaction with our site easier for our visitors, please do not hesitate and let us know. And if you want your friends to know that you have found the perfect site for your Sardinian tours and experience, look around the website as we have placed social sharing icons everywhere – just go ahead and share our content to your friend on your favorite social network!