Sardinia Slow Travel: A Sustainable Tourist Experience

We love Sardinia deeply, as it represent our corner of paradise that needs to be protected and celebrated for its uniqueness, rather than a resource to be exploited. We are also travellers, and when we travel around we love to meet local people who care about their land and its traditions, and love to share their knowledge about it – which is what we do with our work as Sardinian tour guides. For us, traveling isn’t about checking off a bucket list or seeing the must-see places to see; we are more in line with Marcel Proust point of view about traveling, the he said “The true voyage of discovery is not so much in seeking new landscapes as in having new eyes”.

Sardinia, as most of the places blessed by the Mediterranean sea, is an island where slow pace reigns to the point that it’s a proper way of life. Visiting Sardinia and trying to understand it while traveling, obviously comports the adaptation to the local rhythm of life, a sort of getting in tune with the hosting environment.

Slow travel means to travel slowly, but certainly not because we are lazy. We seek the slow pace so that we can deeply know the places we visit, we cha meet the locals and spend time with them, chatting and trying to understand their culture and traditions, their food, how it is done and by whom. Also, we love to purchase food and goods directly from local small producers, so to support the local economy. And while we support Sardinian local economy, we are also slowly growing a local network of beautiful people who believe in a sustainable lifestyle. It is wonderful to collaborate and work with other realities that are as happy as we are about the beautiful sustainable road we have taken.

Slow traveling also means learning new things, seeing other styles and ways of life, discovering other cultures and traditions that unite people, deeply understanding the place, and becoming a temporary citizen. All of this for us represents a truly sustainable tourist experience that won’t turn into a memory of a vacation and that instead will make the traveler grow. To know more about our slow tours and experiences, read this other article from our blog about our classic Sardinian slow experiences.

We are ready and happy to guide you to the discovery of traditional Sardinian festivals, to explore together hidden corners of our beautiful island, and to introduce you to a Sardinia that’s way different from the one depicted by the Lonely Planet guide and the classic circuits of Sardinian mass tourism.

If you see yourself in this way of traveling then stick with us, and let yourself be transported and guided on one of our Sardinian slow tours and experiences that will allow you to bring back beautiful memories about meaningful experiences, and, we are sure, new local friends.