Slow Food Culture and Network in Sardinia

The Slow Food movement was started by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists in the 1980s, with the initial aim to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life. In over two decades of history, the movement has evolved to embrace a comprehensive approach to food that recognizes the strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture. Today Slow Food represents a global movement involving thousands of projects and millions of people in over 160 countries.

Slow Food believes in a world in which everyone has access to good, clean and fair food, and helps the food producers to defend biodiversity and food traditions with the Presidia, Food Communities and Ark of Taste projects.

Terra Madre is a Slow Food project and an international network of food communities that includes groups of small scale producers and others united by the production of a particular food and closely linked to a geographic area. The network unites food producers, fishers, breeders, chefs, academics, young people, NGOs and representatives of local communities who are working to establish a system of good, clean and fair food from the grassroots level.

In Sardinia the Slow Food network is really active and includes 6 Presidia, 10 Food Communities, 32 Ark of Taste products and 3 Chefs’ Alliances all over the island.

As part of Slow Food movement, Sardinia Slow Experience participates to many events about Slow Food in Sardinia and in Europe, as we are also part of the Presidio of Pompia of Siniscola, the unique citrus fruit that grows only in the area of Siniscola, our home base in Baronia. These events have allowed us to connect with all the Sardinian producers that share our vision of sustainability, and many of them has become integral part of our tours and experiences, as we include visits to their food laboratories, farms and winners, where we obviously end up also engaging in great food tasting sessions with their products.

During our tours and tasting session We promote local food and educate our participants to the peculiar taste of Sardinia, also explaining where the food comes from, how it is produced and by whom, and explaining all main characteristics. This is the best way to learn and appreciate Sardinian traditional food while also helping us support the local economy and the food artisans!

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