Sunset / Full Moon Tour in Montalbo di Siniscola with Food+Wine Tasting

Usually when I travel I am looking for the highest point of view to appreciate the entire area. Probably because I want to discover what’s around me and to have a different point of view on the places that I am visiting. Baronia is the historic region where I live, and that features a few high points from where it is possible to see all the east coast of Sardinia. One of my favourite high spots is Punta Cupeti, from where it is possible to see the mountains of Corsica and the peaks of the highest mountain of Sardinia, the Gennargentu. In Baronia, Punta Cupeti is one of the highest peaks, a mysterious giant white rock towering over Siniscola, that I always associated with the moon’s surface.

We like to share our experiences with our guests, and this is why we created a brief tour that has always been a classic fix for us in Siniscola: a short hike to enjoy the sunset from the peak of Punta Cupeti. Join us to the peak of Montalbo see, smell, hear and feel the beauty of the end of the day and the infinite landscapes that Punta Cupeti can offer. During the sunset there are indescribable colours constantly changing every minute. with the sun painting wonderful pictures in the sky.

Sardinia is also a very welcoming and friendly land, and in Sardinian houses there are always cheese, Carasau bread and homemade wine ready to be shared with guests. For our Montalbo Sunset tour we decided to keep the tradition alive and to invite our guest to enjoy and celebrate reaching the Montalbo peak with a traditional Sardinian aperitif and food and wine tasting at our improvised stone tables on the rooftop of Baronia.

We will enjoy the sunset while tasting traditional Carasau bread made in our family-run bakery, and Pecorino cheese produced by our friends at the Siniscola cheese factory that produce authentic Sardinian cheese with a traditional recipe passed on from generation to generation. It all goes with very good wine from a family-run winery in Siniscola, and with Pompia of Siniscola, a very rare dessert made from sa Pompia, a citrus fruit that grows only on the Baronia’s east coast.

And then… Spunta la luna dal monte (the moon arises from the mountain), as in the lyrics of a very popular song by Sardinian rock group Tazenda. On our way back the full moon will rise from behind the mountain lightening up our way and the entire landscape like a huge lantern. We won’t really need a torchlight, as we will have our silent friend who will watch upon us, while saying “see you at the next full moon”.

The way back to Siniscola is special and a bit romantic, as we will walk in the sunset light surrounded by scents of mediterranean plants. During full moon nights, we love to extend the experience past the sunset, to enjoy also the magic of the light of the moon from Montalbo. The trail is beautiful in the moonlight and there will be only silence, interrupted by the sound of the wind, of animals bells and our own steps.

We will hear plenty of close and distant animals bells, as from centuries the Montalbo mountain has been home to shepherds and their sheep and goats, since the area is covered in green grass with delicious Sardinian plants that give a unique taste to our artisanal cheeses. During our scenic walk we will follow some of the old shepherds’ paths, and we will meet their old, nowadays abandoned dwellings now turned into historical landmarks.

We have been doing the Montalbo sunset trail for many years and we will never get bored of it, because every time it is a different experience. The light, the flowers and plants, the animals, the views, the sunset and the moon, it all make Punta Cupeti a magical place, perfect to recharge yourself at the end of the day, to see Baronia and the Sardinian coast from a different point of view, and to share a good time with likeminded people that love unusual and slow travels.

Here is a video that we recorded at one of our latest Montalbo hike, also using a drone for filming the scenery landscape from above. We hope you like it. If you want to join us at the next Montalbo Sunset or Full Moon hike just check the schedule of the Siniscola Sunset Hike + Aperitif / Food and Wine Tasting, or get inspired by one of our Sardinian slow Tours + experiences. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for last minutes and announcements on the Montalbo Full Moon hike.