This is What we Call a True Sardinian Slow Tour Experience

Our Sardinian slow experiences are original experiential tours that are way different from the usual tours dedicated to mass tourism. We move in small groups as we like to create a friendly and familiar atmosphere, and to guarantee the highest possible quality of the experience.

We are never in a hurry and we have a very human approach to people, places and things. At the end of our Sardinian slow experiences you will be able to say that you know the local Sardinian reality and also local people, their products and their traditions, plus you will make new but you will make friends with the other slow travellers who participate in the same experience!

Would you like to know what it feels like to take part to one of our Sardinian slow experiences? Our favourites Sardinian slow experiences are those in which we introduce you to local Sardinian food and their producers, as we believe the food is a great way to learn, share, connect and bond. A good example can be our Typical Sardinian Aperitif Experience, during which we invite our participants to join us in a beautiful countryside vineyard to learn how to prepare a delicious Sardinian aperitif, but we also share with our participants the entire process of sourcing everything we need to prepare it.

This is why our aperitif experience begins by visiting our family-run traditional bakery, famous all over Siniscola for its Carasau bread (Carasatu, in Siniscola dialect), to learn everything about the traditional artisan work that’s behind its production. We also bring the participants to the aperitif experience to local dairy farms as well as to Pompia fields where the original citrus of Siniscola grows, now also a slow food presidium since 2004.

We’ll then keep “shopping” for our aperitif by visiting local butchers and organic food producers, and we take our time also to visit local pottery workshop to get a close look at the ancient Sardinian craft traditional. In short, our participants will get to know local people who, like us, do their job with great passion, while having the opportunity to buy authentic products directly from their sources, which of course helps the local economy.

With our slow experience we want to offer another approach and look at sustainable tourism. We think that traveling also means discovering places through new sensory experiences. Seeing, touching, savouring, feeling, listening, but also not only getting to know, learning and understanding the people and places that are part of the experience. When participating to one of our Sardinian slow experience you can:

to the silences of the mountain, but also to the traditional music and sounds of Sardinia such as a jazz concert by the sea or in front of an ancient nuraghe, or a traditional music concert by great local musicians, as in our tours in Baronia and Barbagia.

the views and the original landscapes of our land, the full moon or the sunset from atop of a mountain, or the thousand shades of the sea and rocks, as in our sunset and full moon aperitif in Siniscola or our Tiscali hikes and Gorropu Canyon explorations.

traditional typical enogastronomy products, learn to recognize wild plants and enjoy typical food and wine tastings, such as in our aperitif in the Sardinian countryside.

our reality with your own hands, from the stones of megalithic monuments to the flour of our Sardinian pasta making and cooking classes.

the salty sea breeze and smell the smells of this magical island that you will never forget, such as in our Capo Comino hike and snorkel tour.

with us while cooking, preparing an aperitif, harvesting grapes or olives, or making traditional Sardinian clay pottery.

How can an experience tour be more experiential than this? Get in touch with us today to find it out.